Stella Friberg gets to use a Million EuroBonus points which brings her all over the globe. Photo: Gustav Wiking
Stella Friberg gets to use a Million EuroBonus points which brings her all over the globe. Photo: Gustav Wiking


How to use a Million EuroBonus points

Stella Friberg took a photo that won her one million EuroBonus points. She’s already been to Iceland, Israel, and the US. Next stop: China.

The picture that won her a Million EuroBonus points.

And the winner is...

The contest rules were simple: Send in your best car picture and write about it. The first prize of the competition organized by SAS and Avis was 1 million EuroBonus points. Friberg sent in a lovely summer picture taken in Skåne, Sweden.

About Stella Friberg

Age: 24
Lives: In Stockholm
Interests: Travel, hanging out with friends, dancing, and going out. Driving around and listening to music.
Always with me on the plane: My neck pillow. You’re more comfortable, you sleep better, and if you have an inflatable one, it doesn’t take up much space.
Top travel tip: For weekend trips, I only pack black clothes in a carry-on bag. That way I know that everything matches and I don’t have to carry so much.

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“Lots of people think it was taken in the US, but the picture is of beautiful Sweden, taken on a road outside my parents’ summer house in Torekov,” Friberg says.

Time passed and Friberg almost forgot about the competition – until one day when an email arrived, informing her that her picture had been chosen as the winner.

“I was a EuroBonus member before, but I didn’t really understand how it all works,” she says. “So I had to read up on it and find out what I could do with all those points.”

Travels the world and shares the hidden gems

She worked out that the prize was worth about 15 round-trip flights to New York. That’s a trip Friberg has now made, but she has also managed to visit many more places too: Tel Aviv, Chicago, Iceland, Gran Canaria, and Milan.

“Tel Aviv was amazing, a cool mix of great restaurants and bars. It was also fantastic to be sitting in a nice café one minute and then find yourself on a beautiful beach just 15 minutes later.”

More trips are already booked. In April, she’ll go to the Serre Chevalier ski resort in France, followed by a road trip with stopovers in Nice, Fayence, and Mougins. Now you can follow all the trips on Friberg’s blog here on Scandinavian Traveler, where she and boyfriend Gustav share their best tips and tricks: everything from the best little cafés to the music venues you won’t find in the guidebooks.

“We want our blog to be a personal message from us and to tell you about everything we’re doing. We really want to share with you all the hidden gems we find.”

Text Rikard Hellqvist 

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