Developing the CO2 offsetting

CO2 offsetting is one of many things SAS is doing to further reduce its environmental impact. Here, CEO Rickard Gustafsson discusses the company’s new initiative.

As an airline, we’re aware of our impact on the environment and as a responsible company, we at SAS constantly strive to develop and implement new initiatives to reduce it.

From our staff in administratiion to the ground staff and crew onboard, everyone has a role to play, individually and collectively. We’ve already made huge strides in this respect through large-scale investments in more fuel-efficient aircraft, starting to use biofuel and a number of other activities. 

We have also made progress in offsetting the amount of CO2 our aircraft emit by investing in carefully selected sustainability projects. At SAS, we are aware that our travelers want us to help them make their flying more sustainable. Stepping up our CO2 offsetting is one way to do this.  

Last April, we began offsetting Youth tickets and we already offset all trips -taken by our staff.  

The next step was to CO2 offset all trips our EuroBonus members take. This means that we now offset all bookings made with a valid EuroBonus number on SAS-operated flights, including tickets bought using cash and points.  

As we continue to strive for positive change and to make the world a better place, CO2 offsetting continues to play an important role in SAS’ environmental and sustainability program. Next month, I’ll explain more about the other parts of the program, so stay tuned. 

Rickard Gustafson
President & CEO, SAS


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